Avyntec AvyWeb WSQ10

Avyntec AvyWeb WSQ10

Automate sur IP paramètrable depuis un navigateur web.

8 entrées TOR, 8 sorties TOR, 4 entrées analogiques, mesure tension et fréquence secteur, timers, gestion des principales opérandes.

Un automate idéal pour une gestion domotique ou un monitoring de salle serveur.

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AvyWeb WSQ10

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Avyntec Avyweb WSQ10


• Main module of data acquisition, supervision and remote control based on web server technologies.
• Real time interactive control system through LAN, WAN or Internet connection. It is only necessary a standard internet browser with de Java Virtual Machine; it is not necessary any additional software to operate on it in a remote way.


- Lighting Display and control buttons for menus surfing, data configuration, adjustment of parameters and the local control of the whole system.
- Hardware :
         8 isolated inputs for digital signals.
         8 isolated relay outputs with CM, NO and NC contacts.
         1 temperature NTC sensor input.
         1 lighting sensor input.
         1 A.C. voltage input. It is isolated by transformer.
- Digital inputs: 16 alarm zones, validation times and alarm activation levels. Configurable inputs names by the user.
- Relay outputs: validation times, delay time and activation levels maybe easily configured. Configurable outputs names by the user. Manual or automatic configuration mode. Different kind of outputs: normal, pulse, delayed, etc.
- Analog inputs: configurable maximum and minimum alarm values. Hysteresis configuration. Frequency, A.C. power supply, lighting level and temperature analog values.
- Storage capacity for more than 32.000 information registers: incidents, events or alarms. Every register shows time/date, origin and signal that has generated it.
- Generation of alarms/events reports in a time/date order. These reports may be printed or digital stored.
- Incorporated real time clock. The time/date will be kept if the power supply goes out.
- REAL TIME global view of the control system. If it happens some change of state, alarm or activation, it will be shown it instantly. Last alarms window.
- Integrated programmable robot lets the relay digital outputs carry out automatic logical functions. 4 independent weekly time programs divided in 30 minutes intervals.
- Validation and access control via web based on the Avysecur Key technology. To achieve a secure access, every equipment has its own access coordinates card.
- Connection link to video system based on WEBCAM.
- Two software update possibilities: application software and web site. This connection runs over the local RS-232 port system.
- Expansion capacity for the control system. Maximum 31 expansion modules. The global system handles more than 500 signals!

It includes instalation and user manuals. The sensors and accesories are sold separately.



• Industrial control systems. Process control.
• Data acquisition. Electromechanic, electric or electronic systems supervision and control. SCADA systems.
• Systems remote support.
• Supervision and remote control of technical alarms.
• Irrigation systems.
• Home domotics systems. See Kit AVYWEB Home.
• Programmable robots. PLC´s
• Heating and air conditioning control.
• Engines, water pumps, contactors remote control, etc.



- Power supply: 12 to 32 volts DC. Polarity inversion protection.
- Maximum consumed power: 7,5 Wattios.
- 8 digital inputs. Every one is galvanic isolated by optoacoplator and has overtension protection.

         Inputs ED1 to ED7:
         Max. isolated inputs voltage: 2500 volts.
         Digital inputs voltage range: 0 to 32 volts DC.
         Minimum voltage value for '1' in digital input: 5 volts DC.
         Maximum voltage value for '0' in digital input: 3,5 volts DC.

         ED8 input:
         Max. isolated input voltage: 2500 volts.
         Digital inputs voltage range: 0 to 32 volts DC.
         Minimum voltage value for '1' in digital input: 3,5 volts DC.
         Maximum voltage value for '0' in digital input: 1,2 volts DC.

- 8 relay isolated digital outputs: CM, NO and NC contacts. Maximum output current: 10 A / 250 Vac.
- A.C. voltage isolated by transformer input: 0 to 250 Volts AC - 50~60 Hz.
- Temperature sensor input: NTC Resistance.
- Photoelectric sensor input: phototransistor.
- Communications bus AVYBUS: 31 expansion modules.
- Communications female port RS-232 DB9.
- Ethernet female port 10/100 RJ-45.
- Audio female port RJ-11.

- Recommended operating temperature range: 0 to 50 ºC.
- Storage temperature range: -20 to 70 ºC.
- Dimensions: 154x90x78 mm.
- Carril DIN AVYWEB WSQ10 module weight: 575 gr.






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